One question I really hate the most, “how is a girl as beautiful as you single?”
Uhm maybe because I have diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder and I haven’t met one decent human being who can ACTUALLY 100% can deal with that. I’m tired of hearing, “omg I have anxiety too, I have -insert one time event here anxiety.- Okay great, you have situational anxiety. Live with that constant stress plus complete irrational fear of almost everything before you tell me that it’s no big deal. But then reality kicks in and they begin to see how my anxiety effects a big portion of my life and then they give me shit for it and leave. Until someone proves to me that they can deal with who I am, mental disorder and all, I’ll always be skeptical. I guess that makes my screening system a little bit easier though because many guys piss off just because of my reserve.

Honestly, my anxiety is a thousand times less intense when I’m not in a relationship.

So why do I always seem to yearn for and/or seek out one?

Freaking out and nobody wants to text me D:

holy hell I am ugly without makeup.